From Text to Political Positions

From Sentiments and Opinions in Texts to Party Positions


The project From Text to Political Positions (T2PP) is funded by the VUA Interfaculty research institute CAMeRA and carried out by three PhD-students from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

T2PP combines contemporary theories and methods in linguistics with political science to develop an automated research tool for rich text-mining and opinion-mining. The transdisciplinary relevance of the project is that it will merge insights from political science with critical discourse analysis, cognitive processes and lexico-semantic-, computational- and corpus linguistics. The results will give new insights into (1) the complexity and dynamics of language use in the competitive democratic environment in which parties and politicians maneuver (2) the discourse through which this is expressed, and (3) the linguistic modeling of attitude and sentiment and the representation of this knowledge in a lexicon. The tool aims to enable language-meaning based research in the social sciences and will initially be applied to enhance the KiesKompas (Election Compass).

The 3 PhDs on this project specialize in

  • Political Science and Content Analysis
  • Cognitive Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics
  • Lexico-semantic modelling and Computational Linguistics

    Project Proposal

    Project Proposal (PDF)

    Project Overview

    Project Overview (PPT)

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